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Fifth Sunday after Epiphany Sermon – Go Deeper

“Master, we have worked all night long and have caught nothing. But, if you say so, I will….” In my mind, Simon sounds exasperated, a tone of desperate exhaustion: Look! There’s nothing here! We’ve gone up and down the shores

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Third Sunday after Epiphany Sermon “How Dare He”

Are you familiar with the Sandwich approach? When you need to offer someone feedback that may be received harshly, you sandwich the critique between compliments or positive reinforcement to soften the blow? I almost wonder if Jesus is in the

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Epiphany of our Lord Sermon – The stories we tell

“Rewriting history with the stories we tell…the songs we sing about our own tribes. It’s what we do.” – The Witcher, Season 2. It’s amazing how naturally, undramatically, almost without notice, we do this rewriting sometimes. While watching the Christmas

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Sermon – Christmas Eve The Greatest Story on Earth

From 1871 to 2017, Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey travelling Circus ran under the tagline “The Greatest Show on Earth.” And, perhaps—as far as entertainment goes—it earned that title in comparison to its contemporaries. So much so, that it

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