Holy Matrimony


We at Saint James’ Church welcome your interest in celebrating your marriage with us.

Marriage is both a civil ceremony and a religious ritual. Couples throughout history have pledged to spend their lives together in faithfulness, love, and mutual respect and care. In the church, the couple accepts Christ’s invitation to have him be a part of a loving and life-giving relationship.

A married couple, by the way they fulfill their marriage vows, will love, honour and nurture each other. They will also be a blessing to others, an example (or an icon) of what it means to be loving and faithful to another human being.

Every couple intending to marry at Saint James’ Church must meet with the Rector to discuss requirements and arrangements, and will undertake a premarital program in which the meaning and nature of Christian marriage and family life are presented, and the need of God’s Grace in the daily pursuit of this ideal is made known.

More detailed information may be obtained from the church office at 613-692-2082.