Vestry is the Anglican term for the Annual General Meeting of the parish, and takes place by February 28. 

St James Annual Vestry 2021

  • Vestry will be held online Sunday, February 21 at 10:00 a.m. via Zoom
  • Please download the Annual Vestry Report for review prior to the meeting. Alternatively, hardcopies can be picked up from Sam at the office on Tuesday, February 16 and Thursday, February 18 from 9:30 am to 2 pm
  • Please register your intended attendance in advance with Sam at The Zoom link will be sent out via email.

In registering for Vestry, you are agreeing that:

“I solemnly declare that: I am a member of this congregation of the Anglican Church of Canada; I am of the full age of sixteen years; I am a regular worshipper with this congregation; I do not intend to vote as a member of any other Vestry in the election of Churchwardens or of Members of Synod during the ensuing year; and I am a supporter of this congregation by regular contributions to its maintenance.”

Only individuals able to make this declaration are entitled to vote at Vestry.

  • Given the added complication of holding Vestry online this year, we ask that any motions or new business for discussion be brought to the attention of Rev. Kerri or the Wardens (Jim Sevigny, Jane Venus, Terry Tomkins) by Friday, February 19. 
  • Please familiarize yourself with the Vestry protocols below in advance of the meeting. This will expedite our housekeeping business at the front end of the meeting. 

Online ZOOM Protocols

If you have questions about any of these protocols, please get in touch with Rev. Kerri in advance of Sunday, February 21st so that we can support you without the pressure of being live.

  1. Download Zoom Client for desktop in advance of February 21st. Familiarize yourself with the basic functioning of the program (logging on, muting yourself, changing your name, speaker view vs. gallery view).
  2. Log on to Zoom early (5 minutes in advance suggested), please ensure the name that appears on the screen includes the full first and last names of each person attending from your home.
  3. Please keep yourself muted unless you are called upon to speak. The mute control is in the bottom left corner of the Zoom window. Background noise on Zoom can be distracting and can interrupt the microphone of the speaker.
  4. You probably want to choose Gallery View for this meeting so you can see all those in attendance, including the speaker. The Gallery View control is in the top right corner of the Zoom window.