Sacramental Rites

Sacramental Rites

As we go through life, the Church offers sacraments and other ministries of grace for the spiritual welfare of her members. These are reviewed briefly below, with references to further detail and contact information.

Baptism is an entry to membership in the Church, usually practiced for infants, but available as well to adults joining the Church. Confirmation is the point at which Christians formally confirms their vows. Like Baptism, the Eucharist is a sacrament instituted by Christ; it commemorates Christ’s sacrifice for mankind, and celebrates the new covenant between God and his people.

Marriage is the ceremony joining a couple in faithfulness and love, as followers of Christ.

Confession and Absolution gives the penitent God’s forgiveness, and allows us to break away from past sins. Healing, reconciliation and restoration are integral to the good news of Jesus Christ. For this reason prayer for individuals, focused through laying on of hands or anointing with oil, has a proper place within the public prayer of the Church.

Some Christians experience a desire to become a priest. Discerning the authenticity of this call is a first step towards ordination.

Christians believe that the body is a ‘temple’ where the Holy Spirit lives during a person’s life and that when someone dies the spirit returns to God. While the Christian funeral is not a sacrament, it is an important rite for all Christians, and is included here as marking the final stage of one’s earthly life. The intent is to help family and friends come to terms with the death of someone they love. Mourners have an opportunity to share their memories and support each other in their shared Christian belief of life everlasting.