As we prepare to re-open to in-house worship next Sunday, September 12, a few reminders:
The Diocese of Ottawa is currently in the Yellow stage of our Covid “In this Together” plan and we anticipate remaining in this stage through to September.
  1. Signing up in advance for worship services is requested as we continue to be capped at a 50 person maximum, including liturgical leaders. Your contact information and confirmation you have no symptoms / exposure to Covid-Positive individuals will be sought upon arrival. Should you feel unwell or present any symptoms, please remain home until you are symptom-free.
  2. Masks, sanitizer and social distancing remain mandatory while at the church.
  3. Services will resume in-house at 8:15 (said) & 10:00 (choral) services.
  4. We are allowed to serve Communion in both kinds (bread and wine). For the foreseeable future, wine will be served in individual cups.
  5. Communion will be served one-at-a-time either standing at the altar rail or I will bring it to you in your seat if that’s more comfortable for you.
  6. The Offertory plate will not be passed but will remain at the back of the church to receive any donations upon your arrival.
  7. Singing is allowed by the congregation, with masks on. A soloist (or two because of our spacing) is also allowed. A small choir is allowed to practice and lead music.
  8. We will hold off on Coffee Hour until a later time.
  9. Weather permitting, we will keep the windows and door open during the services to increase the flow of air through the worship space.
  10. If you remain uncomfortable with the idea of being indoors or in a larger group, please rest assured our services will remain online going forward.