Refugee Sponsorship


St James is again exploring the possibility of sponsoring a family from Iraq. We are currently in discussion with the congregation to assess interest and capacity of supporting this cause with time and talent. You are invited to review this list to see where your interest may lie and what you might be willing to lend a hand in. You can also speak with Bob Poulton between Sunday services for more information or to express your interest.

Time & Talent Needs:

  • Team Coordinator
  • Deputy Team Coordinator
  • Treasurer / Bookkeeper
  •  Lead Fundraiser
  • Collect and store furniture
  • Collect and store household goods
  • Arrival / Reception
  • Temporary Accommodation on arrival
  • Permanent Accommodation
  • Start-up shopping – clothes, food, household goods
  • Apply for OHIP and SIN
  • Apply for OCTranspo Equipass
  • Open a bank account
  • Work with the newcomer(s) to prepare a monthly budget
  • Arrange for language assessment
  • Enroll adults (wife in this case) in language training
  • Find a doctor
  • Find a dentist
  • Attend medical appointments
  • Attend dental appointments
  • Arrange social events
  • Help with employment search
  • Assist with income tax

Following the 2016 Refugee Crisis, the Anglican Diocese of Ottawa more deeply invested resources in supporting refugee sponsorship. Through that Sponsorship Refugee Ministry, St James sponsored two families.
The Alsalman family arrived from Iraq June 1st, 2015. Everyone is doing well in their studies. Their daughter was born on June 1st, 2017, the anniversary of the date that they arrived in Canada.
A family of seven arrived from Indonesia on October 17th, 2018. Although individual family members were born in either Palestine or Iraq, they are stateless. Parents Adel and Maisa brought their children Muthanna, Mazen, Mohammed, Misk, and Mays. We have remained in contact with them over the years and love hearing how everyone is doing.