Outreach Committee

Following Christ’s order to love one another, the Outreach group sees itself as a facilitator and enabler, in some small way, of this command. The Outreach Committee provides three types of outreach.

The first is also the broadest: we provide information that helps connect people with resources. This could include connecting a family with the emergency food bank or senior with Rural Ottawa South Support Services (ROSSS). 

The second type of outreach consists of responding to the many requests for help we receive from social and religious organizations throughout the year. ROSSS, Youth of Manotick Association, Manotick Food Cupboard, and the Anglican Diocese of Ottawa’s Community Ministries (Centre 454, Cornerstone Housing for Women, St Luke’s Table, Centre 101, Ottawa Pastoral Counselling Centre, and The Well) are a few of the agencies we support.

Another form of outreach is pastoral care, in which visitors from the parish provide human contact and spiritual care to those who are ill or shut in.

The Outreach committee works in partnership with other church ministries to address social justice issues and promote community partnerships.

St. James’ strives to give generously as well as offer aid to those in crisis situations.