Following Christ’s order to love one another, the Outreach group sees itself as a facilitator and enabler, in some small way, of this command. The Outreach Committee provides three types of outreach.

The first is also the broadest: we provide information that helps connect people with resources. This could be helping to link a family with the emergency food bank. We also provide information about current initiatives addressing social issues such as the need for reconciliation between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people. (Please see note below – Reconciliation in Action)

The second type of outreach consists of responding to the many requests for help we receive from social and religious organizations throughout the year. 

Another form of outreach is pastoral care, in which visitors from the parish provide human contact and spiritual care to those who are ill or shut in.

St. James’ continues to give generously as well as offer aid to those in crisis situations.  

Reconciliation in Action   (submitted March 2018)

What is Reconciliation? Where do we start?
How do we get there? Are these questions you have been asking?…

These are questions I have been asking as well. My name is Sharla and along with my family, I have been a parishioner at St. James for 13 years. Today, I am writing to you from unceded Algonquin Territory in Manotick.

Last fall, I was inspired to begin a personal Reconciliation journey after the Youth Blanket Exercise at St. James. Over the past few months, I have been reading, attending events and working with an Elder to become familiar with First Nations culture and traditions. I now have the opportunity to become a liaison between St. James, the Diocesan All My Relations Working Group and hopefully, the wider local community. All My Relations is a working group of the Anglican Diocese of Ottawa, established to provide advice, advocate and implement local and national education programming about Canada’s First Peoples https://ottawa.anglican.ca/amr/.

Over the coming months, notices of opportunities to learn more about the Truth and Reconciliation Committee’s calls to action; First Nation, Métis and Inuit culture and tradition; and social justice events will be made available through the newsletter, bulletin and social media. 

Reconciliation is always about relationships. It’s about bringing balance to the relations between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people. At an individual level, people often ask, “What can I do?” My answer to that is always, “Look at how you believe and how you behave and how you think and change that.” (Justice Murray Sinclair, 2015)

I invite you to join me on the journey, with an open heart. I would welcome a conversation with you about how we can move forward on Reconciliation together. Please contact me through the office at office@stjames-manotick.ca.  Thank you. Miigwetch. 

In case of pastoral emergency, please contact
The Reverend Kerri Brennan at 613-875-4210.