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St James Manotick rose-window

A church is not simply a building, but people. However, the building is a reflection of those people, both past and present. The structure itself reflects the history and aspirations of those who built it. Inside, we see pews, windows, plaques, paintings, hangings, all of the furnishings, donated with love and dedicated to the glory of God.

In the pages that follow, you will have an opportunity to glimpse something of our history since the original parish church was built on this site in 1876. From the days of the stagecoach to the 21st century present, Saint James’ has been a gathering place where parishioners have welcomed visitors to worship in Christian fellowship, helping to bring the healing message of Christ to the community. Above all, it is a place where those who have entered its doors have felt the presence of God – the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

St Janes Manotick Tour-layout

Not to scale; some detail not shown.
References to the ‘right’ and ‘left’ assume that one is standing at the back of the church facing the altar.
Superscript numbers refer to the locations on the diagram.

As you approach Saint James’ church you see a relatively modern structure, a replacement of the original 19thcentury 1 church. Enter by the main door. In the entrance area, you will see on your right an etched glass memorial window1b. Once in the nave 1a, you will see a pair of wooden pillars 2. On the wall near the left pillar (references  to ‘right’ and ‘left’ assume that one is at the back of the church facing the altar) is a painting 3 of the former church, while near the right pillar is an ink drawing 4of the new building in the 1980’s. Note the overhead lightshanging above,  specifically designed for the new church.

Proceeding up the main aisle, you can see seven stained glass windows in the side walls. The window on the right at the back depicts Christ as the Good Shepherd 6.  Ahead of it is the Walker window symbolizing Christ’s role as the ‘fisher of men’ 7.  Next is the de Lotbinère-Harwood window showing Noah’s Ark 8, each of these latter two being contemporary in style. The window at the right front  commemorates Saint James 9, our patron saint. Note also the 19th century stone font9a at the far right just in front of the pews.

Now look at the stained glass windows on the left side. At the back is a scene of Christ knocking at the door 10. The more modern left central window contains a quote from Psalm 143 11. The final side window, at the left front, depicts the Ascension of Christ12. The sanctuary lamp13 can be seen above the altar. Above the altar are more stained glass windows. In a series of three windows, the centre one shows Christ with children14, while above them is the rose window15.

Note the reredos16 (behind the choir pews) and the altar17, both in the same style.  To the left of the altar is the pulpit18; at the far left is the brass lectern19, while the prayer desk20 is at the right.  On the wall near the lectern is an intricate carving21 or the letters IHS.