Everyone needs a safe place to explore and experiment, especially when we are young.

At St James we provide that kind of experience for our confirmed and nonconfirmed youth ages 9-17. It consists of a planned series of events and discussions that provide our youth with an opportunity to explore their Christian faith, to ask questions and express doubts, and to discover what they truly believe.

Recent research has shown that young people who remain connected to their faith and to communities of faith past the age of 21 do so because of several factors. The two top factors have to do with being able to talk about their faith at home and being connected to older people in a community who take their faith development seriously. We believe this program helps build on this foundation for them and for the families they create in the future.

Young people studying in grade 11 through first year college/university may be interested in the Anglican Diocese of Ottawa Youth Internship Program.

For more information about St James Youth Ministries, please contact our church office at or 613.692.2082.

Games Night:
Once a month our youth aged 9-17 are invited to bring their friends and themselves to a Friday evening Games night. Snacks and drinks provided from 6:30-9:00 pm in Tomkins Hall.

Youth News and Coming Events