St-James Manotick Inside

Altar Guild

“With Love and Reverence we prepare the Church for Worship and to the Glory of God our faithful hands care for His Holy Vessels”

The St James Altar Guild maintains the Sanctuary in beauty and holiness and prepares for all types of worship.

Members of the Altar Guild offer their services to God to:

  • Reverently prepare the sanctuary to enable the priest to celebrate the Eucharist and other acts of worship.
  • Give the congregation a setting which will enhance the worship experience.
  • Attract new members by demonstrating dedication and fellowship
  • Care for those objects which reflect the 136 year heritage of worship at St. James.

The Altar Guild provides a simple but important service to our Lord and the congregation while the members enjoy the added benefit of good fellowship with each other. Four Altar Guild teams provide their services on a rotational basis, each performing their duties once every 4 weeks.

Set up for the Sunday services takes 30-45 mins on Friday or Saturday, plus a change-over between the two Sunday morning services. Another 30-45 mins is required after the 10 a.m. service to wash and put away the items used. During their week of duty, (Fri – Thurs), the team also prepares for and cleans up after any additional special services (e.g. baptisms, weddings, or funerals).

For Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving, all members of the Altar Guild are asked to pitch in to help decorate and prepare the church as well as clean up afterwards if they are able to.

This ministry is an excellent opportunity for you to participate as an individual or with a relative or friend. Men, as well as women, are welcome as members of the Altar Guild. If you are interested in learning more about this ministry we invite you to contact Carol Gervais for more information.

Altar Guild News and Coming Events