Anointing St James Manotick

Anointing exists for the purpose of healing — to restore a person to physical, emotional and spiritual wholeness. When we anoint and pray for people, we ask God to release them from anything that prevents a person from being whole. Christians recognize that there is a difference between being healed and being cured. In the sacrament of Unction, we pray for healing and wholeness, which may or may not include a physical cure.

At Saint James’ the sacrament of anointing individuals is offered monthly as part of the Eucharist. For those unable to attend church owing to illness or immobility, a member of the Pastoral Care team will visit you at home or in hospital.  Please contact Rev. Kerri if you feel the need for such healing.

We also pray for all those who are sick or suffering at our weekly celebration of the Holy Eucharist. Please contact the church office at 613-692-2082 to request that someone be placed on our prayer list.